About Me

A Traveling Expat, Thriving at the Trailing Spouse Lifestyle in Singapore

Hello! I’m Sarah (with a smile) your host inviting you to digitally explore with me endless adventures.  I’m excited to share travel experiences, expat lifestyle and (attempts to tap into) foodie insights.  I hope to build community around sharing stories and experiences in the expat community while encouraging your spirit of adventure and curiosity.

Do you travel like me? 

I’m an outdoor enthusiast who loves to venture into the worlds above and below (hiking, caves & water).  I get super excited about nature.  Call it my meditation.  I also love city life.  The hustle and high energy.  It’s exciting to check out the local cuisine, theater, museums and practicing the art of trying not to look like a tourist while doing touristy things.  Check out my Instagram (Sarah_with_a_Smile) and see for yourself.

Who am I? 

I’m a Filipina-British American expat living in Singapore who’s sharing travel adventures and how to thrive at the expat traveling lifestyle.  Filipina – British – American? You caught that, huh :).  Born in the Philippines (100% Filipina), raised in England (lost the accent around 6 yrs old), but a big chunk of my life has been lived in the USA.  Toggling back and forth from West Coast to East Coast (CA > VA > CA) then back to the West Coast.  

Back in October 2017, my husband and I moved abroad from the East Bay of San Francisco, California after he was offered a job position that he could not refuse.  Previously, we lived in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.  Back then, moving and driving across country to live in a new city, was an amazing adventure in itself.  When the prospect of living abroad became an option. The decision was a no brainer (a decision, btw that was made sight unseen – whhhaaaa?).

During my first year in Singapore, I’ve explored 16 countries – some of them three times. It was 22 weeks of travel in a year.

In my younger years, traveling & life abroad wasn’t a foreign concept.  My Mom positioned my two brothers and me to #getoutthere.  She literally and figuratively pushed us out the door.  At 15 years old, my Mom encouraged my younger brother and me to explore London & Paris on our own.  We had to figure out all the logistics with no guidance or help (she threw us in the deep end).  #ParentingWin #OldSchoolStyle

Today, my nuclear family is all around the world. The word HOME has changed – find out here what it really means to me now. My amazing parents live in Virginia, USA. My older brother and his lovely family live in Switzerland and my younger brother and his wife live in Washington State, USA. Since we are spread across the globe. It’s been 6-7 years since we have been together for Christmas. We do see each other individually, in different parts of the world which is pretty cool.

Fast forward to current day.  Moving abroad has rocket launched my traveling lifestyle.  Having access to Singapore’s Changi Airport, is a big benefit.  It is hands down, one of the most efficient airports in the world.  Did you know, three of the many features is a pool, multiple gardens and a movie theater.  The airport could easily be listed as a tourist attraction.  It’s a fantastic airport to have a layover. For now, it’s a fantastic hub to explore South East Asia.

I find Singapore to be a small but mighty city-state. The juxtaposition landscape of a bio diverse rain forest to the futuristic concrete city jungle, is memorizing. The mix of local and expatriate friends are fantastic and there’s so much to experience on this dense island.

So what’s the plan for 2019?

I have 3 goals. The first is to become more food adventuresome. I‘m embarrassed to admit, but I have yet to try durian. **UPDATE I have tried durian.  Read about my durian experience.  ** The infamous fruit is known for its’ overwhelming pungent aroma.  Which has caused it to be banned on many public transportation systems throughout South East Asia.

Besides upping my food game, I aim to visit more UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Did you know there are over 1,000 sites around the World? And lastly, sustainability. Sustainable tourism and ways of sustainable living to be more specific.  There are so many important reasons why … I’m sure I’ll be blogging more on the topic.

As I approach my countdown towards turning 40 years old.  ** UPDATE Since mid-June 2019 I am officially 40. #thisis40. I feel it in my knees when it’s about to rain.  ** My hope is to never let my curiosity and my will to act upon it, fade.  As this blog will get very boring, very quickly :).  Here’s to 2019!

Have a question, comment or suggestion? Send an email of your thoughts and let’s chat about it.