How to Support Black Lives Matter without Protesting and Living Abroad

Be powerful wherever you are & use your voice to make change.

You can support the Black Lives Matter movement from anywhere. Here’s a list of

  • petitions to sign
  • organizations to learn from and support
  • charities, families and funds to donate
  • watch a video that earns money that supports BLM organizations
  • a list of books for children about diversity and inclusion
  • a list of books for yourself

Sign Petitions

  1. Justice for George Floyd
  2. Justice for Breonna Taylor
  3. Justice for Ahmuad Arbery
  4. Disbarment of Prosecutor George E. Barhill
  5. Hands Up Act Petition
  6. Arrest the Other Three (sign by June 29, 2020)
  7. Raise the Degree
  8. National Action Against to Police Brutality
  9. #JusticeforFloyd
  10. Justice for Belly Mujinga
  11. Justice for Regis Korchinski – Paquet

DO read the website’s disclosure agreements and terms & conditions before signing petitions, and making donations.

Donate Financially without Money

Watch a video. The earnings from advertisements on this video will be donated to bail funds, donated to family funerals and advocacy listed on the video.

  1. How to financially help BLM

Donate to Bail Funds

  1. National Bail Fund Network
  2. Local Bail Funds Across the US
  3. The Bail Project

Support Charities & Funds

  1. Black Lives Matter
  2. Reclaim the Block
  3. NAACP Legal Defense Fund
  4. UK Black Lives Matter
  5. Know Your Rights Camp
  6. North Star Health Collective
  7. Campaign Zero
  8. American Civil Liberties Union
  9. Unicorn Riot
  10. Black Visions Collective

Organizations to Support

  1. NAACP
  2. Black Women’s Blueprint
  3. The Conscious Kid
  4. MPowerChange
  5. The Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights
  6. Equal Justice Initiative
  7. Audre Lorde Project
  8. Families Belong Together

Donate to the Affected Families

  1. George Floyd Memorial Fund
  2. GoFundMe to Ahuaud Arbery’s Family
  3. GoFundMe for Breonna Taylor
  4. National Memorial Family Fund

Books for Children About Diversity and Inclusion

Sign up or gift a children’s book subscription. Equal Opportunity Book Box provides a monthly, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription that sends 3 diverse and educational books in recyclable packaging. For every book purchased, a book will be donated to Bernie’s Book Bank. An organization that provides books to children in Chicago, Illinois. Learn more about Equal Opportunity Book Box on their FAQ page.

Please note: Because I am part of the Amazon Affiliate Program. I want to be clear, the links above ARE NOT from the Amazon program (nor any other affiliate program). The links are either a direct website, the author’s website or a link that provides more information and reviews about the book.

Books for Adults

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