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– It’s really exciting to form connections and contribute content around the world.

Outwit Sarah Emery Expat Blogger

Full transparency; I never intended to start a blog. The encouragement came from the love of my life. Yet, the inspiration & conversations with others, is the driving force that has opened up a new community within my blog. The Expat Dream Team series is a digital neighborhood of expats sharing their life abroad experiences from around the world.

Featured Expat Blog Ranks #34 on the Top #100 Expat Blogs

Sarah Emery Top 100 Expat Blog Websites

It’s a huge honor to receive a ranking spot on,  Top 100 Expat Blogs on the web. Thank you It’s an honor to make your list.

Sarah Emery; Wanderwoman Diaries

Creating connections with other expats is a big part of #ExpatLife. Especially when making the move for love and being a trailing spouse.

It’s a HUGE honor to be featured on américain pig ‘s Wanderwoman Diaries. #wanderwoman #wanderwomandiaries

We chat about the challenges behind being a trailing spouse and some key tips and tricks on how to navigate through the trailing spouse journey.

Sarah Emery Hello Singapore
Sarah Emery; Hello Singapore

I’m a HUGE advocate for tour companies. Especially with those that contribute and benefit the local economy (e.g. hiring locals).

That’s where Hello Singapore Tours comes in. They are award winning and have featured me on their site for writing about What To Do during a Long Layover in Singapore. Hire them for a long layover (they will meet you at the airport) or at your hotel during your visit to Singapore. Also, check out their stellar reviews on TripAdvisor.

Sarah Emery Expat Magazine
Sarah Emery; The Expat Magazine

I’m so excited to contribute to the The Expat Magazine and be a part of their community. Check out my interview and what a sight unseen decision – Expat life in Singapore is like.

Sarah Emery; Beijing Layover Tours

Beijing Layover Tour is one of the most well organized, thorough and professional tour companies I’ve experienced. Check out my 9 hour layover in Beijing post and how they deliver a magnificent experience of the Great Wall of China.

Sarah Emery Interview
Sarah Emery; Expat Life Series

It’s so fantastic to connect with others who are also living the expat lifestyle. Check out my interview on Wellington World Travels. It’s a great Expat Series that asks questions from expats all around the world.

Sarah Emery Expert Road Trip Tips
Sarah Emery; Your Parking Space

It’s always great to be listed, but to be listed as an expert 🙂 WHOA 🙂 Check out my contribution to the The Best Tips For A Road Trip – Experts Roundup from Your Parking Space.

Sarah Emery; Telum Media

You can find me in Telum Media’s database. Telum Media is connecting journalists and PR professionals across Asia Pacific.

Yes, I did a coloring book 😉 It’s an adult coloring book with a sense of humor. How Do You Meme was created to gift to those who need a laugh (and like to color). We could all smile and laugh much, much more 🙂