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Splat Paint House | Unleash Your Inner Artist

Imagine a place where you can throw paint against a wall and NOT get in trouble. In fact, imagine a place that not only encourages you to be messy with paint but also gives you paint and the tools to do it. Introducing Singapore’s first and only splatter studio, Splat Paint House.

A creative space where you won’t hear, “Stay within the lines”, or ”no colouring on the walls”. What you will hear is, ”Which tool would you like to fling paint with? A syringe or squirt bottle?”

Splat Paint House is the perfect place to unleash your imagination by using every colour of the rainbow. It’s a fantastic spot for both kids and adults. And let’s not forget to mention the pièce de résistance. There’s no clean up involved.

Whether the outings is for a date, with friends, team building event, or something else to do when it’s raining (which is what we did). Come and paint your heart out.

Not an artist? No worries. No prior art experience is needed. All you need is to show up and allow your creativity to take over. It’s time to paint as you’ve never painted before.

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Let your creativity, flow.

Need to get out of the house and let your expressiveness run loose? Yeah, me too. That’s why friends and I choose to have a fun and artsy splatting kinda day over at Splat Paint House.

Personally I’ve never flung paint at a canvas. Just let me tell you, how freeing it is. It’s a must do!

As mentioned, there’s no pre-req’ courses needed before coming to Splat Paint House. There are some fun techniques to try out with the tools they supply. It’s dealers choice. You can stick to traditional tools such as a paint brush, or go all out with a syringe or a squirt bottle, a straw, toothbrush, etc. Let your imagination take the driver’s wheel.

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Your Splat Sesh Starts Here | The Process

You are given protective gear; a plastic paint smock, and shoe coverings. Covid-19 safety measurements are implemented, and you’re shown a short safety and how-to video to get your creative juices flowing.

Then, it’s time to pick out four paint colors and you’re handed over paint tools. Now your splat sesh is ready for action.

One thing to take note of. The paint that’s used is tempera paint. It is child-safe, easy to wash off, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and water-soluble.

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Splat Paint House | Prices

The deals are pretty amazing. Come in and try it for yourself.

An individual price is SGD$39 that comes with one 40x50cm canvas, paints, 1 syringe, 1 squirt bottle and protective gear.

Thinking about a date night? A date night package is SGD$105. It’s two individual packages, 100ml special paints and 1x 60x80cm large canvas.

Family time? A family of 4 is SGD$160. That’s four individual packages and 1x 60x80cm canvas, and 200ml special paints.

Let’s not forget a la carte items; such as speciality paints (neon, metallic, glitters), additional canvas, paints and even wine (date night) are available.

Splat Paint House also offer weekday Happy Hour prices and a Membership package.

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Splat Paint House | Location and Website

207A Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574346
+65 8930 0947

Make your reservation online or directly WhatsApp.

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