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Three Years Living Abroad | Singapore Expat Lifestyle

Time is the biggest measurement of how we structure, identify, and put emphasis on events. This month marks my 3-year expat-iversary. And as an expatriate, it’s cathartic to reflect on the past years’ experiences, connections, and growth.

Normally I’d reflect upon many amazing adventures with equally amazing friends and family. But, what’s there to say about 2020 (other than the same global irritations)?

I think we can all agree. The year has been less than amusing and beyond frustrating.

Welp. Unlike the first 2 years in Singapore. This is the first year I haven’t left the island.

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Sure, Tim and I are dealing the best we can. We are grateful to have each other, our health, and our friends here in Singapore. Thankfully, restrictions continue to slowly ease. Which has enabled us to meet new people, spend time with friends, and make our time here on the Little Red Dot, much, much better during a pandemic.

So as we round the corner into the last few months of 2020. We look forward to “next time.”

We look forward to the next time we can embrace our parents.

We look forward to the next time we can hug our families and friends who are spread around the world.

And we really look forward to the next time when public health and safety isn’t a disaster.

Be healthy & happy!

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