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Finding the right salon is a must-have in life. It’s similar to having the perfect pair of jeans, and you know that struggle is real.  So, when we do find that perfect pair, we hold onto them for years. 

The same goes for finding the right salon and stylist.  We will go at lengths to keep our tresses fresh and healthy.  That’s why it’s paramount to find a place that has quality, is professional, and keeps you looking fresh and fabulous.  

Here are 10 tips on how to find the perfect establishment that will maintain your mane.

10 Tips on How to Find the Right Salon

1) Get lingo savvy 

Have you ever been part of a conversation and you have no idea of what’s being said?

Words like balayage and ombre sound like ballet dance moves rather than color techniques. So, it’s good to do a bit of research on salon jargons. Setting yourself up to speed, will give you a leg up on understanding more about various treatments and services that are necessary to reach your goals.

2) Be in the know 

A very common question that most professionals at a salon are asked is,  ”How long have you been cutting hair?”  While it’s a valid inquiry.  It’s good to be aware that continuous education is a frequent occurrence in the beauty industry.  It’s ever-evolving, as new trends, new innovation, and technology continuously emerge.  Top-performing stylists keep schooled up on new cutting techniques, trending styles, coloring, and styling techniques.  

A more insightful question to ask is — if they are experienced with your type of tresses and can they achieve your expectations?

3) Book a consultation

A consultation’s core goal has both the client’s and stylist’s best interests. It’s an opportunity for a stylist to technically analyze your locks too. They will look at your natural colour, analyze hair & scalp health, assess how your mane will absorb new colour, or other processing treatments, and how strong your tendrils bonds are.  

Based on this information, they will evaluate how much processing time will be needed and manage your expectations.

4) Book a conditioning treatment and or a blowdry

Go on a test run.  Book a conditioning treatment or a wash and style.  These services won’t break your budget or risk the chance of having too much cut off.  

It’s also a perfect time to discuss your expectations in more detail and get to know your stylist.   

Extra Tip: Avoid booking your first appointment on a Saturday.  This is commonly the busiest day and you want to ensure that you’re receiving enough time and attention that you deserve.  It’s best to book the first appointment of the day.  This way, you’re not waiting behind previous clients who arrived late to their appointment.

5) Ask questions

Never be afraid to ask questions.  Address any concerns such as style, mane health, and scalp issues.  A knowledgeable stylist will always provide recommendations to get your locks back to their healthy self.

Also, if extra treatments are offered, don’t hesitate to ask what’s the cost.  It will prevent any confusion or awkwardness when it comes to paying the bill.

6) A picture says 1,000 words

Whether it’s a picture of new ideas for a living room, hobby, or fashion look.  We all have inspirational photos saved in our phones.  Show your locks’ inspo’ pics to your stylist.  Providing visuals will knock out any confusion and misinterpretations of what it is that you are describing.

7) Your lifestyle and morning routine

Let your stylist know how much time you want to spend on your tresses when getting ready in the morning.  Let them also know of any past experiences you are looking to avoid.  

These topics will steer your stylist in the right direction and deter from any need to course correct.

8) Set up your stylist for success

Honesty is the best policy. Now is not the time to be fearful of being judged by your box dyed hair.  It’s okay, we’ve all had moments of weakness.  While there’s no need to disclose your complete timeline.  It’s good to mention all the chemical treatments you’ve had in the past year or so.    

Why? It’s science.  Certain chemicals don’t mix with others (think of it like oil and water). 

For instance, if you’ve had highlights and then had a darker color applied, let the stylist know. If you forego mentioning this to your stylist before they apply a new color, be prepared to live with the consequences. This could definitely lead to a coiffed disaster.

9) Take it with you

Don’t hesitate to ask your former stylist for the brand of any chemical processes, color formula, toner and gloss that they used on your locks.  This information will be very useful for your new stylist. 

10) Home maintenance

Chat about the products you use at home.  Experts will let you know if you’re using the right products for your hair’s current texture and style.

Looking for a beauty haven?  Use the above tips during your visit to Yoon Salon.

Yoon Salon Reviews | Pick the Experts

New do, who dis? There’s no reason to wait around for a New Year for a New You.

If you’re ready to level up your lovely locks, it’s time to turn to the experts.  The latest arrival on the beauty block is Yoon Salon.  Teamed with top professionals and masters in their craft.  These highly skilled and experienced stylists are ready to create your hair dreams into a reality.  

Whether it’s a complete transformation or a cut to freshen up your locks.  Yoon salon is dedicated to providing quality services that’s tailored to your hair’s texture and lifestyle.  Their wide array of services and treatments will leave your tresses healthy and vibrant.  

Services & Treatments 

  •     Premium Hair Cutting
    • Long cut
    • Short cut
    • Children cut
    • Fringe cut
  •     Premium Hair Colouring
    • One tone colouring
    • Grey coverage
    • Root retouching
  •     Premium Creative Hair Colouring
    • Balayage
    • Ombre
    • Highlights
    • Other creative colouring
  •     Premium Hair Perming
    • Korean C-curl perm
    • Korean S-curl perm
    • Korean wave perm
    • Root volume perm
    • Japanese perm
    • Pin curl perm
  •     Premium Hair Rebonding
    • Straight rebonding
    • Soft rebonding
  •     Premium Creative Hair Shaping
    • Volume C-curl rebonding
    • Volume S-curl rebonding
  •     Hair Defrizzing Treatment
  •     Hair Regrowth Treatment
  •     Premium Hair Bleaching
    • Bleach lightening
  •     Premium Wash and Blow
    • Deep cleansing wash and professional blow dry styling

YOON Salon Reviews | Outlets

There are three Yoon salons locations in Singapore.  Their outlets can be found in Havelock II Shopping Centre, Midpoint Orchard Shopping Centre and Queensway Shopping Centre.

YOON Salon Reviews | Website

For more information, head over to their website, as it’s good to do a bit of research on salon jargons.

And remember the best compliment you can provide for your stylist is a recommendation.


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