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Remember when we used to take our temperature orally? It’s no surprise living in the digital age, analog relics are being quickly replaced (put into glass cases and placed in a museum somewhere). This is why we have teeny, tiny technology that tells us our heart rate, blood pressure, caloric burn amount, and so much additional related health information. And all this data displays on a teeny, tiny screen that we wear on our wrists.

And if that wasn’t enough.

These smart little robots regurgitate all this information back to us, in easily digestible, presentable, and colorful icons (thankfully ditching the boring pie charts and bar graphs, and leaving that to office life). By boosting our reward system, these devices keep us engaged by handing out digital metals when we beat our individual, daily, weekly, and monthly performance goals. And to boot, they’re also our cheerleaders. They send us daily words of encouragement to inspire us to continue our daily movements.

The designs of smartwatches and fitness trackers are so intuitive, functional, and compatible. They are answering our needs to monitor and assist in managing our wellness.

Like, I said. We’ve come a long way from the old school (mercury rising) home thermometer.

Why do we need these health gadgets?

To prove that we got off the couch? They’re cheaper than a personal trainer? We just got the results from our routine check-up and our cholesterol is high?

While all or some of the above may be applicable.

We use tech to track our fitness and movements. They measure our vitals, so if we aim to decrease cholesterol or blood pressure to prevent a heart attack or stroke. We use tech to tell us our vital information. To, ‘keep score’ if you will.

They also help us train for a race whether it’s a ‘from the couch to a 5k run’ or to qualify for an Ultra-Marathon. And it’s not just in our waking hours that matter. These devices work when we aren’t. They can track how much restful sleep we are getting, which is a huge factor in how we perform during the day.

From all this information we see our movement patterns so we can make plans and goals to improve.

These devices and related software do not diagnosis diseases, other conditions, or cure, mitigate, treatment or prevention of diseases.

What is the Best Health Monitoring Device?

Today’s smartphones can tell us a whole host of body stats and movements but are limiting and not everyone has one. Thus, we turn to individual tech.

The 7 basic must-haves in wearable fitness technology. Accuracy, durability, long-lasting battery, functionality, affordability, network, and connectivity.

Do keep in mind, battery life is affected when features such as GPS are in use.

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Wearable Smart Fitness Trackers

The dominating brands in the market are Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, and Samsung. Yet, regardless of consumer brand loyalty, the basics as listed above and their capabilities are the features that will ultimately be the focus of what people will buy.

Apple smart watches

Apple Watch Series 6 and the more affordable Apple Watch Series 3

iPhone users will most likely gravitate to the Apple watch. It’s compatible, multiple features, and the syncing is smooth as silk. The upgrades like voice commands, blood oxygen sensors, optical heart sensors, and fall detection are notable in the newer generations.

Samsung fitness watches

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and the Samsung Ladies Galaxy Watch

For Android users, these watches have GPS and Bluetooth capabilities, waterproof, relax and recharge trackers, auto work out trackers, and monitoring heart rate function. And complete with added features like texting and music controls. As well as customizable faces and interchangeable bands.

Fitbit fitness trackers

Fitbit 4 and the more affordable Fitbit Inspire

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker and not a smartwatch. Fitbit is for you, as the devices are team players in the sense of capability to match with either an iPhone (iPhone 5S and later versions) or Android (Android 7.0 and later). They have upgraded their GPS functionality, are water-resistant (up to 50 meters), and have a long-lasting battery.

Garmin fitness watches

Garmin Watch and the Garmin Fitness Ladies Watch

If you’re in the market for a super durable, incredibly long-lasting battery, waterproof into deeper depths. Garmin is the watch for you. Made for the outdoor enthusiast/athlete, its additional functions like the altimeter, and barometer are highlights and more important than receiving movement notifications.

If there is anything that 2020 has taught us, its health is wealth. Try any of these tech-savvy devices to help improve your movements and daily activity.

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