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Paul Immigrations Reviews: What to Know about Applying for Singapore PR

Singapore is a metropolis well known for its cleanliness, lush greenery, and the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Travelers come to experience the world’s best airport, the many attractions around Marina Bay, and the copious amounts of food and shopping. Also, many visitors love the vast amounts of Instagrammable sights. That are sprinkled around the various neighborhoods. 

Along with the attractions, this might city-state offers a large number of advantages and opportunities. It’s what makes the chance to live and work in the lion city, very appealing. As of late, the Institute for Management Development (IMD), World Competitiveness Centre ranked Singapore as the world’s most competitive economy. For the second consecutive year in 2019, the bustling city has earned the number one position for being the best place for children in the world, by the Save the Children organization. 

The quality of life is very attractive and it’s what draws heavy attention for many expatriates. The access to high caliber education, safety, healthcare, efficient public transportation, and much more are a few of the major reasons that make living on the sunny island very desirable. After a few years of living and working in the city-state, it’s a common occurrence that many expats seek longevity in their visa status. That’s where becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) opens more doors to more advantages. 

The Benefits of Becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR).

Becoming a SPR is definitely within one’s reach and comes with many benefits. 

Job opportunity – Having the ease to switch companies without the hassle of re-applying for a work visa between employers. Also, job posts that list “Singaporean and PR only apply” means you may apply for them too. 

The CPF benefits – Portions of your salary are deducted to contribute to CPF. The CPF is the Central Provident Fund, which is a saving plan. These funds can be used for things such as, children’s education, medical costs, buying a house and can be used in retirement. 

The Tax relief – Taxable income decreases, because deduction is based on the amount that comes after deducting CPF from your salary. 

Own your own business – As a PR, getting a loan is more accessible. Business regulations are also more in your favor, and you can buy property for your business.

Housing – A PR can get a loan more easily for personal housing and can purchase HBD housing.

Education – The government continues to give support to the education system to ensure the high quality and it is affordable. Permanent Residents may have access to more education options, are given priority for entry and may pay lower fees. 

Healthcare – PRs have access to government subsidies for medical healthcare. 

Citizenship – After being a PR for a few years, you will be able to apply for citizenship. Which may give you additional benefits as the locally born citizens?

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Pick the experts

When deciding to become a PR, many have turned to Paul Immigrations to guide them through the process. With over 150,000 clients served to date. It’s clear, they are a leader in providing solid knowledge when it comes to the nation’s immigration laws. 

The firm is located at Suntec Tower 2, in the Marina Centre business district. These experts are in business to carefully guide an applicant through what many have found, to be a daunting process. 

The time it takes to receive back the results can be anxiety-ridden. The results are post mailed and can take anywhere from 4 to 6 months. This is a considerably lengthy amount of time, not knowing if your application was done flawlessly enough to meet the final stamp of approval requirements. It’s an advantageous move to hire the experts in this arena. By not submitting the correct and necessary documents, and or having incomplete knowledge of the ins and outs, can impede the chances of the ultimate goal of being accepted.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Services

Paul Immigrations’ services are available to Employment Pass, S Pass Holders, a spouse of a Citizen or PR, students, and children that are unmarried or legally adopted children below the age of 21. Foreign investors and the parents of a citizen are also included. 

Their expertise, specialize in the following: 

1. Provide clear and precise guidance who will be there every step, throughout the entire process. 

2. All submissions are made online via the (ICA) Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore E-service portal. The team of professionals will guide you through the e-Service portal (ICA), to ensure the accuracy of your documentation, and all necessary information is submitted correctly. 

3. Provide valuable insight and helpful tips. All that has been drawn from experience, to better prepare your application. 

4. Advise of any additional documents that highlight your extra qualities that will elevate your approval chances. 

5. A team of savvy wordsmiths, who specializes in creating stellar cover letters will make you shine. 

6. Will identify any potential risks that can cause your application to either not be accepted or approved. Such as missing documents and valuable information. 

If you’re a first-time applicant or reapplying, the experts at Paul Immigrations will guide you through the process to ensure your best foot is put forward.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: The Steps

Step 1: A team member will conduct a phone interview with a potential applicant to access their eligibility. 

Step 2: An in-person appointment will be scheduled by a consultant. The consultant will verify the physical work pass, (don’t forget to bring it) and review the client’s profile. They will advise of the current climate of the ICA and it is in this step, that that client can decide whether or not to proceed. 

Step 3: The client will be handed over to an Immigrations Specialist (IS). The IS will request the client to submit all the required documents necessary for their application. It will be advised if additional documents will be needed to be included. 

Step 4: The IS will complete the remaining application paperwork on the client’s behalf. 

Step 5: The IS will guide the client’s application. 

Step 6: The outcome and receiving the results. On both results (approved or rejected), the IS will guide the client on the next course of action. 

Head over to the experts. It’s always best to do things right the first time.

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