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15 Best Travel Gifts | What Every Traveler Must-Have

There are traveling items, then there are the must-haves of traveling items. And I’m willing to bet, the traveler in your life already has their next trip planned. Whether they need a replacement, an upgrade or an introduction to a new product that would improve their wanderlusting life exponentially. These are the perfect gifts that every globetrotter must-have that are super useful and helpful in both traveling and daily lifestyle.

Useful Travel Gifts for Jetsetters

Gifts that can be used during travel and in everyday life.

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Travel tumblers, better yet a water purifier

Staying hydrated is a travel hack that keeps headaches, fatigue and skin dryness at bay during flight. A must-have is a water bottle and a superior brand is LifeStraw Go Water Bottle. With its advanced filtration, it will kill 99.999999% of bacteria, reduces chlorine and improves taste. It’s durable, BPA free and has a long lasting carbon filter.

Compression Socks

Being comfortable and staying in said comfort is the name of the game, on flights and at airports. There’s a lot of sitting for long periods of time and the Copper Compression Socks for Women & Men help with circulation. Because there’s nothing more agonizing than dead leg. These socks are designed to reduce and help prevent muscle soreness, swelling and varicose veins.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Hanging toiletry bags are seriously the best because it’s the hook that makes a world of difference for a traveler. Especially at airport and airplane toilets. The hook can hang from the door frame, on top of the mirror, or another hook (on the back of a door).  Perfectly designed for travel this bag is well suited for organization, access and is compact.

Case for Wires and Headphones

Keep it together is not just a mantra to remain calm when traveling chaos ensues. But it can also be applied to bringing harmony to cords, electronics and other small devices. The Travel Electronic Organizer Bag provides organization. Untangling cords or digging around the inside of a bag is fun for no-one. These cases keep everything collected, protected and easy to find.

Packing Compression Cubes

It has finally happened! There are packing cubes that are also compression bags!! What used to be; team compression bags vs packing cubes. The two camps have fused into one and we have the best of both worlds designed by Gonex, the Compression Packing Cubes.

Traveling Jewelry Case

Much like cords. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets also get tangled and jumbled. To keep jewelry organized this Jewelry Foldable Organizer has so many pockets and can store rings. Rather than a traditional jewelry box, this lays flats which is perfect for traveling.

A Day Backpack

Made for travel, is the durable, functional and sturdy Matein Travel Backpack that also comes in many colors and 2 different sizes. It has a lot of storage space, is gender neutral, and has straps to slipover the luggage handle tubes (super helpful). This bag also comes with hidden pocket to protect your small valuables.

Holder for phone and tablet

Hands free accessory are essential for travelers. The Flying Flex Flap Holder for phones and tablets is a game changer to travel gadgets. This holder is perfectly designed for airport and airplane life. It can sit upright on a tray tables or hang from the back of the seat. It’s also useful in daily life as well. Use in the kitchen to prop up your device to read a recipe, or use it out at restaurants, as it’s pliable to hold a purse at a table.

Lights out; Travel pillow, eye mask and ear plugs

The memory foam neck pillow is a sure upgrade from the public pillows (gross) handed out on flights. This pillow comes with an eye mask and ear plugs which are nice additional accessories to get a little shut eye on a flight.

Every traveler needs electronics

Power Bank

Never be without power and Anker PowerCore Portable Charger will ensure that. With it’s high speed capabilities, it will charge up to 3 USB devices simultaneously. It’s durable, made of quality material, holds its charge for days, and can last for years when used and stored properly.

Power Strip

The Belkin Power Strip is a handy device that can charge up 5 devices (3 US outlet plugs and 2 USB) and is surge protected. It’s extremely useful when only 1 outlet is available at the airport, or limited outlets in a hotel (plus everything is all in one place, which reduces the changes of leaving something behind because it’s plugged in that’s in a different wall).

Noise Canceling Headphones

Another must have when traveling is noise canceling headphones. The never ending airplane buzz and other noise (-y people) can be distracting and disturb sleep, reading a book, watching a movie…. all the things that are more pleasant without extra noise in the background.

Universal Power Adapter

This cube device is fantastic for the international traveler and the Universal Power Adapter will be used everyday. Compatible with most electronics (but don’t go plugging in a hair dryer, an iron or anything that needs more power), this little device is very helpful for daily overseas traveling life.


Still a big must have for travelers is a camera. Especially for those adventurous travelers that want a camera that can be hands free, small, and light weight. The latest edition of the GoPro Hero9 is a huge upgrade from the older generation. And by using the GoPro App, you’ll have your pictures uploaded to your phone and social medias in no time.

Tile Trackers

Happiness happens when you find something you lost. And these tile trackers are a game changer when trying to find that lost luggage, keys, wallet, or worse a travel pack that has your passport.

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