Travel Hacks

What are the Best Travel Gifts?

A list of travel gifts that save time, provide convenience & will be actually used.

It can be very challenging to figure out which travel gifts are essential for that extensive traveler, business traveler, wander-luster, or digital nomad in your life.

So, finding that ultimate travel gift that’s high quality, lightweight and something they already don’t have, is of key importance.

The traveler in your life, most likely already have; noise canceling earbuds, reusable water bottle, power charger, pillow and eye mask, blue-tooth speaker, etc.

Pssssttt…. forget giving passport covers. Passports covers must be removed when passing through security, ticket agents, immigration, customs and boarding. Passports are very durable and can withhold the elements – I accidentally put mine through the laundry, spilled coffee on it (a few times), and it was run over by a car. It’s still legible and scannable.

Give traveling gifts that makes traveling easier.

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Nut3 Smart Key Finder

Happiness happens when you find something you lost.

And this Bluetooth finder is a game changer when trying to find that lost luggage, keys, wallet, or worse a travel pack that has your passport.

It’s been known, that some parents get crafty and make them into a bracelet or necklace to put on their kids when at the beach, a park and airport. Hey – no judgement – I’ve seen plenty of kids running around and crying in panic when lost and separated from their parents, at the airport and public places.

Nut3 Smart Key Finder’s Best Features

  • Small, light and easy to travel with.
  • Easy to set up, easy to use and has a loud beep.
  • 6 Features in 1: One Touch Find/Find Your Phone/Smart Anti-loss/Left Phone Alert/Lost & Found Network/Group Control.

Plus, they are great to use when NOT traveling. Use it with kids backpacks, switching out handbags, on your dog’s collar, etc.

USB Flash Drive

Traveling takes up a lot of space.

And I mean, all that data stored in your phone from all the pictures and videos that were captured during an epic adventure.

This little device quickly and easily stores all those memories onto a flash drive. It’s fantastic when needing to more data on your phone.

Gone are the days of needing to upload my pictures and video to another program like ITunes or onto my computer. This little handy and helpful USB Flash Drive  device eliminates that step and DIRECTLY loads from my phone to the drive. If I want, I can then use the flash drive to upload to my computer, but this little guy carries all the data.

The USB Flash Drive packs a powerful punch of 128G that will free up all those pictures and video data. And is Compatible for iOS/iPhone, iPad, PC/Android.

USB Flash Drive Best Features

  • Easy to use, install and has high speed file transfers.
  • Free up space for more pictures and videos. iphone & Android compatible.
  • 18 months warranty.

BlueCraft Sim Card Holder

SIM cards are a must have for International travelers (and cheaper than paying for roaming). These tiny little cards are very useful but very easy to lose.

BlueCraft Sim Card Aluminum Holder Case Storage keeps it all together and in communication for the traveler that’s gallivanting around the world. Organization and ease is key, especially when trying to keep these teeny, tiny, little SIM cards all together.

BlueCraft Sim Card Best Features

  • Holds 12 Sim Cards and an eject pin.
  • Organizes multiple SIM cards.
  • Small, easy and lightweight for travel.

Ethique Products

Eliminate plastic, liquid and stopping having to separate the liquids when going through security.

#giveupthebottle is great for travel, environmentally friendly and long lasting. Don’t forget to check out the sample sizes.

Additionally, you can use these bars to clean your makeup brushes. AND they have a bar for your pup too.

Ethique products Best Features

  • Long lasting (3-4 months) depending on daily use.
  • Full line of shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, body and face washes and storage containers.
  • Cruelty-Free, Eco-Friendly, TSA Friendly, Compostable.

How many cords do you carry?

Phone, watch, laptop, tablet, curling iron, blow dryer, flat iron, headphones, mouse, battery chargers, etc.

Reusable Cord Organizer Keeper Holder

Reusable Cord Organizer Keeper Holder keeps the tangles at bay. These inexpensive, durable and super helpful cord organizers keeps life sane and wires manageable.

Let’s be honest, these can be used in daily life, too.

Reusable Cord Organizer Keeper Holder Best Features

  • 20 to a pack and come in 3 different lengths and widths.
  • Can be used for both travel and around the house.
  • Velcro the easiest man made material to use.

Compression Space Saver Bags

Space Saver Bags has an added benefit verses packing cubes. Just like packing cubes they also separate and organize your items. Plus, no vacuum or pump needed. These are the updated bags with a valve suction to compress down materials and seal out air.

These space saver bags compress down to make more room by 300%. THEY PROVIDE MORE SPACE!!

As someone who has used both packing cubes and compression bags. I gravitate to using compression space saver bags, especially for the last 34 International flights that I have flown since October of 2017.

The bags are reusable and come in different size bags.

Space Saver Bags Best Features

  • Creates 3x more room which is a HUGE bonus for carry-ons.
  • Airtight bags to protect items from mold, liquid, dust, etc.
  • Doesn’t have to be used solely for travel, they can be used for items, currently in your closets. Camping, hiking trips… Burning Man (you know, all that sand).

USB 3 in 1 Cable

 USB Cable,USB to Lightning/Micro/USB C 3 in 1

A perfect 3 in one cable that supports 5V/3A charge for 3 devices simultaneously.

USB 3 in 1 Cable Best Features

  • 18 month Replacement Warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Made with high-quality woven nylon, make it more durable and flexible.
  • Charges 3 devices simultaneously.

Magnetic Charger Cable Adapter

To be used in tandem with the USB cable above. Magnetic Charger Cable Adapter eliminates bringing an extra cord for powering an Apple Watch.

Magnetic Charger Cable Adapter Best Features

  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Takes 2 hours to charge an Apple Watch 100%.
  • Small and lightweight.

 Luggage Scale 

Stop guessing how much luggage weighs and prevent extra luggage weight fees by using an accurate and easy to use luggage scale. Camry Luggage Scale can weigh bags up to 110 lbs / 50 kgs.

Camry Luggage Scale Best Features

  • 2-button easy operation Compact and lightweight
  • Auto data lock function with beep signals-read the weight at ease
  • Very useful for the 22 lbs / 10 kgs for carry-on & 44 lbs 20 kgs for checked bag weight maximum.
komodo rinca island sarah emery

Gift an Experience

Want to share Travel Tips on How to Cut the Line, Get Upgrades, best Travel Apps and more optimal packing tips. Check out 52 Savvy Travel Tips & Hacks.

Sometimes gifts come in experience. Travelers love to plan, go and explore. At times it’s nice to have the place and logistics already arranged. That’s why gifting an experience with either Intrepid Travel or National Geographic are the best options. They arrange the travel agenda – just pick the location/ adventure.

Gift travel adventure with Intrepid Travel. Intrepid runs more than 1,000 itineraries throughout the world. Search by area, theme and deals.

Travel with world class National Geographic. They provide group travel to destinations around the world. They also have special offers for Solo Travelers.

Happy gifting to that travel junkie in your life!

Outdoor enthusiast thriving in the expatriate traveling lifestyle. Looking to connect with your sense of adventure.


  • Scott DeNicola

    I bought those cord organizers a while back to keep all my chargers and computer cords organized and they have been a lifesaver. Especially with my iPhone chargers which are so delicate to start. I love the concept of the Ethique bars as well.

  • Despite Pain

    Those Ethique products look fantastic. They’ll save space and you know you’re being ‘green’.
    That Bluetooth finder is a brilliant idea, and even more brilliant are the parents who attach it to their children. Like you say, it’s so easy for kids to wander off. It only takes a second while their parents are distracted.

  • The Sunny Side Lifestyle Co.

    Using a blue tooth tracker to track your kids, brilliant! That would definitely come in handy for a family with small children at amusement parks, museums etc. I love the suggestion of giving experiences to travelers. Oftentimes the memories from a trip are about the activities you shared together.

  • Lindsay Brown

    Wow what a great list of handy gadgets! I especially like the look of that key finder. I could definitely use one of those! Great list, thanks for sharing these awesome finds with us.

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I think the Nut3 Smart Key Finder is a great gift. I mean, I would need that even if I am not traveling! The luggage scale is very useful too. Better to have that than to pay for excess baggage weight.

    • Sarah Emery

      That’s great Kristine. I’m glad you find the Nut3 smart key finder a good gift and useful when you are not traveling 🙂 It’s come in handy for me, plenty of times. Thanks for the read and comment!

    • Sarah Emery

      Yes, the Sim card holder is a so useful for that frequent International traveler. I’m glad the Ethique items intrigued you, they are quite useful. Thanks Emman for the read and comment.

  • Erica (The Prepping Wife)

    I don’t travel often, but I need the USB flash drive! I have a billion photos and more on my phone, and they take up a ton of space. Being able to transfer those and have a place for them would be a huge asset to me! I will say that the cord organizer is a big one for traveling. When I do travel, I find this to be so important because there are too many cords to keep track of without it. Awesome list! I’ve found some Christmas presents for those hard to buy for family members, thanks to you.

    • Sarah Emery

      Thanks Erica I’m glad you found this list helpful regardless of travel or not. A HUGE yes to the USB flash drive! I so grateful to have this small but mighty device. It’s so much better to load photos and vids onto, rather than filling up space on my laptop. Glad I was able to provide ideas for your hard to gift family members – I hope they like them. Let me know!

    • Sarah Emery

      I’m so glad the Ethique items caught your attention. They are fantastic! I’ve been using them for the past year and couldn’t be happier with my hair results. On a recent trip to Bali, Indonesia I gifted the sample packs to friends that came with us. They were very much well received. Also, I love how they reduce the plastic in my life!!! I hope you get to try some of their products and would love to hear your thoughts 😉

  • Live Learn Better

    Luggage scale have saved me from airport stress and delays several times that I can’t even go anywhere without one.
    I’ll rather have my bag 1 lb lighter than shuffling things around at the airport.
    Thank you for the info

    • Sarah Emery

      I’m glad you agree about the luggage scale and what a huge benefit they are. And what a great tip to have your bag 1lb lighter 🙂 Luggage scales have stopped me from being that passenger shifting items from one bag to another on the floor at the airport:) ha! Never again- now that I have a luggage scale! Travel WIN!

  • Thuy

    I wish I had these things when I studied abroad in college. I am particularly interested in the iPhone storage device to make room for more travel photos

    • Sarah Emery

      What a great idea – gifts for the college student! You’re a genius Thuy 🙂 Yes, you must get the storage data device. I use mine after each trip which reduces the storage at least by 5GB. Plus, it’s a useful item to have regardless of travel or not. I hope you get one! Thanks Thuy!

  • Debra Roberts

    Travel gadgets and organizers are the best, especially those space-saving bags! I need to snag a new luggage scale especially now that every airline charges a fortune for bags, it’s maddening!

    • Sarah Emery

      Travel gadgets and organizers ARE the best! I too, really benefit from using the space saving bags. The luggage scale is a super game changer and yes, I hear ya’on the extra fees for those over the maximum weight charges! Thanks for the comment and read Debra!

  • Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    I used Space Bags until I purchased packing cubes two years ago. They lasted for years and were well worth the initial investment. You really could compact your clothes. Now, I just take fewer clothes and use the cubes instead.

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